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When I came across a pizzeria in El Reno and wanted to save money and get delicious food the way I liked it, Domino's was the place to be. You order, order what you want, and if you wanted food from El Nevada, you just had to order it.

When you arrive, a friendly team member will bring you warm and delicious food and put it in your car. I opted for Domino's, and the food delivery from El Reno didn't disappoint. The chicken wings came in 2011, the handmade pizzas in 2012, but the pizza came in 2013. When the stomach rumbles from the cheese - the pizza baking - you can call Dominos.

The way the cheese finds cracks and cracks in the meat means that each bite is a little different but delicious. Festival-goers can watch giant burgers being built and cooked, and can also help eat the monstrosities. Other volunteers are taking the crowd around and handing out free portions to anyone who wants a piece.

You can play with the cool classic marinara or order it with a little sauce and a side of cheese for a slightly different take.

You will get a few more instructions, but really all you have to do from there is get ready to enjoy your homemade pizza - order. Domino's TrackerA (r) will notify you as soon as you leave the restaurant with your pasta, pizza or sandwich. When you order, you earn points for a completely free pizza and become a member of the world's most popular pizza delivery service. Your order will follow you to your doorstep and be tracked, even if it is delivered somewhere else on the way.

The idea for the fried onion burger came about during the Great Depression, when onions were used to expand the meat supply. Since it was the Depression and not a good time for meat production in Oklahoma, some enterprising burger makers decided to combine a very cheap ingredient (onions) with a more expensive ingredient (beef) to stretch their burgers a little further. There is someone who wants to perpetuate this fried onion burger, and I for one am grateful that Gage is spreading the gospel of the perfect morsel of Oklahoma history.

Over the years, the El Reno onion burger has become one of Oklahoma's most popular meals. Domino's began putting non-pizza items on the menu, and the Original Onion Fried Burgers became a hit with customers in the 1950s and 1960s. They became the number one pizza chain in Oklahoma with more than 1,000 outlets, but the hit in El Reno was when they opened their first restaurant in 1954.

Dominoes began baking and delivering high-quality pizza by sourcing great ingredients and following a proven pizza bakery strategy. Domino's has worked for decades to master this food - lovingly in bud pop and still one of the world's most popular pizza-making methods.

The tornado was estimated to be 2.6 miles wide, moving from east to northeast and had wind speeds of up to 160 km / h, with winds observed during the Bridge Creek - Moore tornado in 1999. The tornado, which touched down at 10: 32 p.m., damaged a gas station on Interstate 40, damaged a billboard and hit a motel in Moore, Oklahoma, which sustained significant damage. Part of the motel was destroyed, several mobile homes were destroyed, two people were killed and many others were injured. A 5.5 magnitude earthquake was triggered in the area, damaging several buildings in and around the city.

Paul Young was ejected from his Chevrolet Cobalt by the tornado's underside while Tim was still in the passenger seat next to Young's driver's seat.

El Reno has weathered several ice storms in recent years, including the January 4-5, 2005 storm that left about two centimetres of ice in some of the worst-hit areas. El Reno experienced exceptional drought conditions in the summer of 2005, when the entire state experienced one of the driest summers on record. On March 12, 2006, the drought caused a forest fire to rage over 1000 acres (4 km). The following day, the storm brought about three feet of snow and about 1.6 feet of rain to the city, along with a storm surge of up to 7.3 feet.

The winds brought smoke into the city, fueling the formation of a wildfire on the west side of El Reno and a major fire on the east side.

After the second flood, the city moved to its current location and changed its name to El Reno. The land in Canadian County originally belonged to the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes, and Fort Reno was founded in 1874. General Philip Sheridan took command of the 1st Cavalry Division of the US Army in the American Civil War. Sheridan named the fort after his brother-in-law, Colonel William Sheridan, who was killed during the American Civil War.

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