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The 98th meridian divides El Reno into two parts, the eastern part was opened to settlement during the 1889 landslide, and the western part comprised Cheyenne and Arapaho lands, which lasted until April 1892. It was once on the border between Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory. Just outside of El Reno, the first settlement is located in the state of Oklahoma, in the present-day city of Reno, Oklahoma. Divided by the 98th meridian, its eastern parts were opened to settlement after the landslide of 1889, and its western parts were included in a lease agreement in April 1892 between the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture (OSA) and a group of tribes that roamed the Cheysenne-ARapaho lands.

The land in Canadian County originally belonged to the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes, and Fort Reno was founded in 1874. El Reno is located on the 98th meridian, which made it possible to open the east side to non-Indian settlements during the land rush of 1889. General Philip Sheridan took command of the 1st Cavalry Division of the US Army in the American Civil War, commanded by his son-in-law, General John H. Sheridan.

The route between El Reno and Oklahoma City was completed in 1892, and in 1902 the Fort Reno Indian Reserve in Canadian County, Oklahoma (now part of Oklahoma City) was moved to El Reno. Sheridan named the fort after his son - in Iowa - who was born and killed in the American Civil War, General Philip Sheridan.

The historic Rock Island Depot, listed on the National Register of Historic Places under the number NR-83002078, was later acquired by the Canadian County Historical Society, which operates it as part of the museum complex. This museum will feature a number of living historical events that took place in Fort Reno. You will hear about people who once lived and worked on the former military post, as well as the secrets and murders that occurred. The stories that are told will coincide with the strange phenomena that have occurred in the course of the history of Fort Nevada.

Whether a phantom is wandering around Fort Reno or a rich story lives on in the stories told, visitors can decide for themselves. It is up to each visitor to behave in the way he or she has to behave, both literally and figuratively. At some point in history, there was a story that was told and that serves as the basis for the story that is told today in Fort Nevada.

Walking through Fort Reno on a slow day or when visitors are sparse can seem empty and scary. Horses break down, horses howl, and under the light of a lamp, one hears stories of unsolved riddles and murders that occurred here. The only ghosts in Fort Nevada are those of history itself, "said John Reed, founder of Fort and Fort.

The Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska railroad, which has been owned by the railroad since 1891, reached El Reno on its way from Texas to Kansas. CRI & P moved from Kansas to Texas, then on to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and finally to Fort Reno.

Today, the 6,000-hectare property is a popular tourist attraction with a variety of historic buildings, a museum and the El Reno Natural History Museum. The popular "ghost tour" takes place once a month and also includes lantern lighting in the cemetery, where costumed historical reproductions tell the stories of the people buried there. At nightfall, visit the once abandoned military post by lantern light and hear the sounds of landmarks and people walking on the same site 100 years ago. You will visit the historic landmark, which has been a National Historic Landmark since the early 20th century, as well as other historic sites such as Fort Reno Road and Drive - in the theater.

Fort Reno has several monuments to explore, including a chapel built by German POWs, a museum and the El Reno Natural History Museum, as well as the historic cemetery and a small museum.

To find out what happens when you visit, check the monthly calendar of events in the OKC area to make sure you don't miss out on any fun. Visitors can follow their calendar events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites for more information.

The events at Historic Fort Reno, Inc. are a fundraiser to support the restoration of the Fort's historic buildings and the preservation of its historic facilities.

If you're a fan of local college sports, you can watch a game on the Redlands Community College campus, located just a few miles north of El Reno, Oklahoma City. Lake Reno is an excellent place for outdoor recreation and is bordered by dozens of city parks and recreation areas, covering a total of about 150 hectares. The Oklahoma Main Street Program is a program to revitalize downtown, and in 2006 the El Reno Program was awarded the Great American Main Street Award.

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