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In this post, we'll introduce some amazing Oklahoma City attractions that you shouldn't miss during your visit. The Science Museum of Oklahoma has a knack for making science experiences fun for the whole family.

If you're curious about what zoos across the country look like, check out Patricia and Byron J. Gambulos' ZooZeum. If you like snakes, you will find the OKC Rattlesnake Museum fascinating, but if you like, skip the museum. This free museum is donating and offers the opportunity to see venomous snakes from Oklahoma and around the world.

Fort El Reno was founded in 1874 as a military training base for the US Army and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Fort Reno hosts a variety of lively historical events, including the museum.

There are several structures to explore at Fort Reno, including a chapel built by German POWs. There is a cemetery surrounded by a few signs and small fanfares, and the remains of 62 German and eight Italian soldiers lie there, most of whom were captured and sent to Oklahoma.

You can easily move between all the amazing things you can do in your car, from taking the OKC tram, to a relaxing ride on a Bricktown Water Taxi on a boat, to a ride on a high-speed train on a trolley. You can also take the Amtrak service on the Oklahoma Heartland Flyer, which runs daily with stops on the way. There is even the possibility to visit the fully restored old Rock Island Depot, which has all kinds of local history.

Be sure to check out the OKC Offers page for discounts on some of Oklahoma City's great attractions. Be sure to take a stroll through the Plaza District to see the many super-nice boutiques selling local and okC goods. You can also whizz down the Oklahoma River, climb one of Oklahoma's most famous mountain peaks and walk along the waterfront with a great view of Oklahoma from above.

Visit the Fort Reno Visitor Center and Museum - this museum delves into Oklahoma history through the eyes of the early settlers of El Reno and their descendants.

Don't miss El Reno History Day, the annual El Reno History Day, on Saturday, July 23, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Step back in time and learn about Oklahoma's territorial life at the Harn Homestead 1889ers Museum or immerse yourself in the Oklahoma History Center. Several state art museums pay tribute to Main Street, including the El Reno Museum of Art, Oklahoma State's largest art museum. The Adventure District offers a variety of outdoor activities including outdoor concerts, food trucks and live entertainment.

If you are really interested in Western heritage and art, you can spend a full day exploring the museum at El Reno Museum of Art, the largest museum in the state.

There are so many amazing things to do in Oklahoma City that you want to plan a return trip. If you did not have the opportunity to visit Myriad Gardens during your visit, you should be at the top of the list when you return to OKC.

The museum is located in the old Rock Island Depot, which is registered in the National Register of Historic Places and was acquired by the Canadian County Historical Society for museum use. Near Fort Reno, a settlement called Reno City was built, which quickly decided to move closer to the railroad. Caddo Springs Stage Station was established and became the location of the first stage station in Oklahoma City located at the intersection of I-35 and US-40, south of downtown.

The chapel north of the parade grounds has been built and the outdoor area also includes an outdoor picnic area, chapel and picnic table. The cemetery contains the remains of Fort Reno's first president, George Washington Jr. and his wife Elizabeth.

The only ghosts in Fort Reno are those of history itself, "said John Reed, director of the Fort's Museum and History Center. The fact that Fort Nevada is located in the same area as its namesake is shaped by the paranormal experiences that it is said to have had there.

Walking through Fort Reno on a slow day can seem empty and scary, especially if visitors are sparse or not used.

Here you can enjoy a ride in the Bricktown Water Taxi, visit the historic Fort Reno Museum of Natural History or enjoy play dates in Brickopolis. Here you will meet friendly people and find unique shopping and dining options.

Later in August, the Oklahoma Indian Nations brings Pow Wow tribes from across the region to this annual festival of Native American culture. The 45th Infantry Museum is the only state-run military history museum in Oklahoma State. This museum, which tells the story of the US Army and the US Army in Oklahoma from the Civil War to the present day, highlights the achievements of our state's military and law enforcement agencies.

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