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Employees and visitors discuss their employment opportunities in El Reno, Oklahoma, the state's second largest city and the nation's third largest economy.

As the oil industry continues to slide into the economic downturn, Halliburton, one of the nation's largest oil and gas companies, has announced the layoffs of 350 workers in the Duncan region. The layoffs come after several weeks of declining oil fields, and as record low oil prices continue to take a toll on the US energy industry and its workers, some are taking pay cuts. Baker Hughes is cutting 234 employees and about 130 have been laid off, the company said in a news release. According to the Wall Street Journal of April 14, 2020, "Baker-Hughes, a major oilfield services company, will lay off 33 workers as of April 14, 2018. In response to the expected closure of a plant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on April 15 Hallibrook, an oilfield services company, will lay off about 800 employees and another 800 in El Reno.

Halliburton has laid off more than 18,000 employees worldwide since its peak in 2014, and its spokesman William Fitzgerald said he could not comment on details of the Duncan plant. Baker Hughes Co., the company responsible for the El Reno plant, declined to comment on the number of employees laid off from the Duncan, Oklahoma, plant. In a letter to the Office of Personnel Development, he wrote that the layoffs are likely to be "permanent job losses" stemming from the closure of one Oklahoma City plant and the closure of another in Duncan.

The San Antonio layoffs are just one of a number of workers Halliburton has laid off in recent months as crude oil prices have fallen. In addition, the estimated 800 workers at the El Reno plant and the closure of two other plants sound like a lot, but an Oklahoma official said they are likely to have a much smaller impact on the state's oil and gas industry. The announced job cuts in Alaska include about 1,500 jobs at a plant in Anchorage, Alaska, and about 300 at an oilfield service plant in San Diego, California.

Many of the workers are based at the center and work at the industry's largest oil and gas service center in Weatherford, Texas. Halliburton has generated more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue from the US oil industry, according to its annual report, and its workforce will grow to 15,000 in 2011, up from about 10,500 in 2010. Of those, 178 are in Mesa County in western Colorado and 178 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the county's second-largest city. In 2010, for example, Hallibrook Hire & Construction Co. hired about 1,200 workers at its El Reno plant.

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In addition, there must be no redundancies or they will be permanent after a certain period of time. Those who let go have to find work elsewhere, so that doesn't suit them. Her experience at Halliburton is good, but the probability of bankruptcy is Z - Score.

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